Training programs for diplomats

Mid-career training program for diplomats
  Topics for mid-career training program 2014
Some aspects of Armenia’s foreign policy
1 The current state of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
2 Armenia’s relations with neighbouring countries
3 Armenia’s relations with the Eurasian Union and the Russian Federation
4 Armenia’s relations with countries in the Americas
5 Armenia – European Union relations
6 Armenia’s relations with major international organizations
7 Armenia’s relations with the Arab world
8 Armenia’s relations with countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific
9 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and beyond
10 Challenges of parliamentary diplomacy
11 The structure of Armenian Diaspora and trends of change
12 The legal framework for Armenia’s diplomatic service
13 Some issues of international law
14 Summary of Armenia’s foreign policy
Practical skills
15 Negotiation skills
16 Public diplomacy
17 Communications skills
18 Political analysis and diplomatic correspondence
19 Working with the media
20 Psychology and communications
21 State protocol of Armenia
22 Financial reporting
Consular training
Topic for Consular Training Course (2014)
The rights and duties of Consuls according to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the Republic of Armenia “Law on Consular Service
Information technologies in Consular Services
Services offered to citizens. Receiving of citizens and etiquette
Providing citizens with Reference Letters; Requesting required documents; Verification of documents
Ensuring accessibility to information and awareness by the citizens of the legislation about and procedures of consular activities; working with the media

a) The concept of a state duties, calculating of duties, and their transfer to the state budget,

b) Quarterly and annual consular reports

c) Special documents: their types, usage and registry

Processing documents for granting of Special Residency Status in the Republic of Armenia
Processing passports-related cases
Passport-related cases: processing of documents on acquiring and changing citizenship of the Republic of Armenia
Registration of citizens subject to military service
Notary services: legislation
Issuing Certificates of Repatriation of the RA
Registration of births, marriages, deaths, adoption etc
Consular legalization of documents
Consular registry
Issuing visas of entry to the Republic of Armenia

Publications of the Diplomatic School