International Relations and Diplomacy program

Curriculum of the Diplomatic School of Armenia 2020


Date Course, Lecturer
February 27 - March 6 Introduction to International Relations, Vrezh Kardumyan
March 9 - 13 Foreign Policy Analysis, Klaus Brummer
October 5 - 16 International Political Economy, Henk Overbeek
October 19 - 23 Security Studies. Oliver Jutersonke & Keith Krause
October 26 - 30 Conflict Management and Resolution, James Ker-Lindsay
November 2 - 13  International Law, Fabian Raimondo
November 16 - 27 Energy Politics, Manfred Hafner
December 7-18 EU Processes, Institutions and Policy, Adam Steinhouse
  International Organizations
  Armenia and International Organizations
  EU Foreign Policy
  Economic Diplomacy
  Diplomatic Ethics and Protocol
  Consular Diplomacy
  Armenia’s Relations with Neighbours
  Communication Skills
  International Negotiations and Simulation Exercises
  Study Trip
  Public Diplomacy
  Study Trip
  Political Analysis and Diplomatic Correspondence