News / Announcements

01.10.2018 • The Director of the Diplomatic School participates in the 45th Forum on Diplomatic Training (IFDT)

From September 19 to 23, the Director of the Diplomatic School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan participated in the annual meeting of the Deans and Directors of Diplomatic Academies and Institutes of International Relations, the 45 th Forum on Diplomatic Training (IFDT). Directors of diplomatic training institutions from over 40 countries took part in the event. This year’s meeting, which was hosted by one of the permanent co-chairs of the Forum, the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy of Georgetown University, was dedicated to “Diplomacy in an Era of Disruption and Discontinuity” and as usual, to modern developments in diplomatic training. The Director also held meetings at the US Department of State with the Director of Caucasus Affairs and Regional Conflicts Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Alicia Allison, as well as with Deputy Director of Board of Examiners of the Foreign Service Colombia Barosse and other officials responsible for conducting...

01.10.2018 • The Lectures of the Director Gabrielyan in the US

Invited by the University of Minnesota on September 13 and 14, the Director of the Diplomatic School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan delivered lectures at the Alworth Institute of the University of Minnesota, Duluth (USA). Director Gabrielyan spoke about the priorities and main challenges of the foreign policy of Armenia, particularly the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as well as historical facts on Armenian Genocide, the policy of denial by Turkey, the current state of relations between Armenia and Turkey, the efforts of Armenia in condemning and preventing genocides at different international platforms and the ‘Aurora’ humanitarian initiative. Students, lecturers and researchers of the University of Minnesota, leaders of the local Holocaust memorial trust, members of the Duluth community made up the audience for whom these lectures were the first public events about Armenia.

25.07.2018 • Graduation ceremony of the Training Course for Journalists

On July 25 th , the graduation ceremony of the Training Course for Journalists was formally closed at the Diplomatic School. The training programme was designed in cooperation with the MFA Department of the Information and Public Diplomacy and was the third in a row. The lectures on the main priorities and challenges of Armenian foreign policy of the eight-day long programme were delivered by high-ranking officials and ambassadors of the MFA. The Director of the Diplomatic School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan and MFA Spokesmen Tigran Balayan summed up the programme and handed the certificates to the participants.  

16.07.2018 • Training programme for journalists 2018

On July 16 th , by the initiative of the Information and Public Diplomacy Department of the MFA a training programme for journalists started at the Diplomatic School of Armenia. The 8 day-long programme on Armenian’s foreign policy priorities, regional and international issues is for journalists who cover international affairs, and lectures are delivered by the respective MFA officials and ambassadors. The participants were welcomed by the Director of the Diplomatic School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan and the Speaker of the MFA Tigran Balayan. Vahe Gabrielyan spoke about the importance of such kind of programmes, which help the participants to aquire a more detailed knowledge of Armenia’s foreign policy and diplomatic activities. He drew the participants attention on some specifics of the covering of the international issues and expressed the hope that the programme will be beneficial both them and the MFA. Tigran Balayan emphasized the fact that...

06.07.2018 • Meeting with Sir Simon McDonald

On July 6 th , the Permanent Under Secretary and Head of the Diplomatic Service at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK, Sir Simon McDonald delivered a lecture for the students of the Diplomatic School and MFA stuff. Sir McDonald spoke about the characteristics of diplomatic service, emphasizing the role of diplomacy for the interstate relations, the main directions of the UK foreign policy, Brexit, as well as about certain developments of the international relations and answered the questions from the audience.

19.06.2018 • “Mid-career training” programme graduation

On June 19 th , participants of the “Mid-career training” 2018 programme of the Diplomatic School of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received their graduation certificates. The programme is for diplomats working at the MFA headquarters, as well as for employees working at the different state agencies of the Republic of Armenia. The certificates were handed to the graduates by the Director of the Diplomatic School of Armenia, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan, who congratulated them and expressed confidence that the theoretical knowledge and practical skills being obtained during the programme will be useful in their current activities and will contribute to further professional achievements.

05.06.2018 • Taking the Diplomats Oath

On June 5 th , an oath ceremony was held for the graduates of the 2016-17 “International Relations and Diplomacy” course of the Diplomatic School of Armenia in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 16 young diplomats took the oath for the diplomatic service and joined the service. Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan and high ranking officials from the Ministry were present at the ceremony.

18.05.2018 • The study tour of the Diplomatic School students to Artsakh

The annual study tour of the Diplomatic School students to Artsakh took place from May 12 to 16. On May 12 th , led by the Director of the School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan, the students visited the Araks river valley, the city of Kovsakan and Ishkhanadzor village, where agricultural and development important projects are in progress. The other day students visited one of the regiments of NKR Defence Army, talked with the officers and soldiers on duty and were briefed on certain aspects of military life and training. On May 15 th , students had an opportunity to meet the officials holding the highest offices of power of the Republic of Artsakh. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the students met with Mr. Masis Mayilyan, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, who briefed the DS students on the priorities of NKR foreign policy and the main tasks of the Ministry and answered their questions. The Speaker of National Assembly, Ashot Ghulyan...

03.05.2018 • Workshop on Science Diplomacy

On May 3th, a workshop on “Science Diplomacy” was organized at the American University of Armenia, by the initiative of the Diplomatic School of Armenia. The topic was presented by international experts of the field Professor Luk Van Langenhove, an expert in Science Diplomacy and how it is practiced in the European Union’s policies, working at the universities of Brussels and Warwick and Mr. Daryl Copeland, a former Canadian diplomat and trainer who is currently providing training modules on Science Diplomacy in the Diplomatic School of Armenia.   In their opening remarks the Director of the Diplomatic School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan and the President of the AUA, Dr. Der-Kiureghian, underpinned the importance and opportunities of a new discipline for Armenia and Armenian Diplomacy. Case studies and lessons learnt from countries of the European Union, North America and Asia, were presented for analysis and the potential for Armenia was...

03.05.2018 • Students of the Diplomatic School of Armenia visited EU institutions, International Organisations and Diplomatic Missions of Armenia in Strasbourg and Brussels.

From 22 nd till 28 th of April, the students and the staff of the Diplomatic School of Armenia, led by the Director, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan, visited Strasbourg and Brussels. The annual study visit to European structures was included in the programme of the Diplomatic School since 2013.     In addition to the visits to the EU institutions and NATO this year students also had meetings in the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights. On 23 rd of April students visited the Council of Europe where they were introduced to the overall activities of the organisation and had the opportunity to be present at a session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. On 24 th of April at the European Court of the Human Rights the Diplomatic School students were briefed about the institution by an Armenian lawyer which was followed by an inquisitive question and answer session In Strasbourg, future diplomats were also hosted by the...