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Presentation of the books published by the Diplomatic School of Armenia


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Presentation of books published by the Diplomatic School

Presentation of books published by the Diplomatic School











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        On December 14th, the Diplomatic School of Armenia launched its three publications: the books "Diplomatic School of Armenia: Testimonials", "State Protocol" and "Negotiations on multilateral platforms."

At a ceremony that took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, Deputy Foreign Minister Vahe Gevorgyan noted that in the short period since its establishment the Diplomatic School has become one of the achievements of Armenian diplomacy. V. Gevorgyan welcomed book publishing by the Diplomatic School and expressed the hope the endeavor would be continuous.

The Director of the Diplomatic School, Ambassador Vahe Gabrielyan spoke briefly about each book and expressed his gratitude for the MFA’s appreciation of the Diplomatic School’s efforts.

"Negotiations on multilateral platforms" (by Arman Khachatryan) identifies the characteristics of multilateral platforms that can make negotiations more effective. The author proposes his own metaphors and descriptions of multilateral negotiation processes.

"State Protocol" (by Hovhannes Virabyan) presents the key principles of protocol and the distinctive features of the state protocol of the Republic of Armenia.

Both books are intended for students of International Relations, junior diplomats, as well as for those in charge of foreign policy issues.

"Diplomatic School of Armenia: Testimonials" presents the goals and achievements of the School, summing up the first decade of its operation. The book comprises opinions of the lecturers (trainers) and the participants of different programmes about the Diplomatic School of Armenia and is richly illustrated with photographs. The book is published in Armenian and English.

The launching ceremony was attended by the Foreign Ministry Affairs officials, officials in charge of foreign relation departments of other government agencies, the Diplomatic School trainers, as well as graduates of different programmes.