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Raffi Bedrosyan at the Diplomatic School

Raffi Bedrosyan at the Diplomatic School





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Raffi Bedrosyan, a Canadian intellectual of Armenian descent was invited by the Diplomatic School and the Policy Planning Department of the MFA, to talk on the topic of “The Hidden Armenians of Turkey” on August 15th. The efforts of Mr. Betrosyan and his supporters made the restoration and the re-opening of St. Kirakos Church in Tigranakert (Diarbekir) possible a few years ago and the famous edifice of Armenian faith has since become a venue for hidden Armenians of the region to meet and re-discover their Armenian identity. Raffi Bedrosyan has authored dozens of articles about his many visits to Turkey, which, published in different media over several years, told the story of his contacts with hidden Armenians, and how they traveled the difficult path of identity revelation. These articles were recently published in a single volume as “Trauma and Resilience: Armenians in Turkey – hidden, not hidden and no longer hidden”.

The author spoke about the increasing number of Armenians returning to their roots and the challenges they face. He spoke of the positive impact of the trips to Armenia organized for Armenians from several regions of modern Turkey. Raffi  Bedrosyan also told the story of his own family who survived the Genocide and reflected on questions about hidden Armenians, the difficulties for the career advancement of Armenians in Turkey and issues related to faith.