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Political scientist Gerard Chaliand


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Gerard Chaliand's talk for Armenian diplomats

Gerard Chaliand's talk for Armenian diplomats






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Gérard Chaliand, an expert in geopolitics and conflicts hosted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia

OMay 23th, invited by the Diplomatic School and the Policy Planning Department of the MFA, Gérard Chaliand, a French expert in geopolitics and military strategy of Armenian descent delivered a lecture entitled “Why we have stopped winning irregular wars after the war in Vietnam” for the diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Artak Apitonyan introduced the guest and underlined the vast experience and reputation of Dr Chaliand as a foremost expert in geopolitics and conflicts.  The lecturer offered a view of the West's engagement in irregular warfares since the US intervention in Vietnam, to todays ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The author of dozens of books and numerous articles on conflicts described the factors, which in his view have turned the successful strategies for victory into failed attempts. After a question-and-answer session the guest took a tour of the Diplomatic School and got acquainted with its activities.